– …of the Heart


“Conditions of the Heart”,  3D printed sculpture,


A collaborative piece with designer Lorraine Hancock.

“Considering expressions of speech such as ‘heart broken’ and ‘proud hearted’ these sculptures explore the condition of the heart.

These sculptures raise the question of origins of emotion and the soul.  The sculptures also aim to provoke thought about a higher being, ie. a God, to design and engineer such intricacies.”

Lorraine wanted to produce a form that exploited the affordances of CAD design such as structural symmetry, repeatability and complexity of detail.  Working together at the computer we devised this form which resulted from a series of Boolean operations using spheres.

I used 3D printing, pushing the build envelope to its maximum to produce a single-piece physical model for exhibition at the Cardiff School of Art & Design, Summer Exhibition, 2008.