– Chickens

Yo, bustin lyrics at ‘Ignite 2009′

“Da Joy of Hens” Keepin Chickens up in a Urban Garden


I was invited ta rap at ‘Ignite Cardiff, 2009′ fo’ round 5 minutes on any subject of mah chizzle. Da talks was held up in tha big-ass hood foyer of tha Millenium Centre up in Cardiff Bizzle n’ there was ta be a crew of approx 100 playas (and passers-by).

A strict, timed presentation of 20 slidez of 15 secondz each.  Ignite speakers weren’t allowed ta rap bout anythang related ta work, therefore, it just HAD ta be chickens!

I had been keepin chickens up in mah hood garden fo’ round 5 muthafuckin years n’ I felt they make da most thugged-out charmin n’ rewardin pets, n’ you can put dat on yo’ toast. I wanted ta inspire all dem mo’ playas (particularly hood-dwellers) ta consider keepin chickens n’ thereby re-claimin a lil’ bit of tha ‘Dope Life’ up in they own garden.

I be a gangsta yo, but y’all knew dat n’ mah ‘Ignite’ rap goes some way ta explainin why I be thinkin chckens is so pimped out son! Watch tha vizzle below.

I pimped illustrations n’ hand-drawn type ta big up a playful n’ wholesome ‘look-and-feel’. I kept text ta a minimum, incorporated vizzlez n’ added chicken sound effects fo’ atmoshere… by far da most thugged-out effectizzle ‘prop’ waz of course, a live chicken tucked under mah arm!

Havin a cold-ass lil chicken wit you durin a presentation can be like a ballin tactic!   Not only do it keep dem straight-up trippin handz occupied yo, but it seems ta make suttin’ of a impression!

Thanks ‘Ignite’!

(Yo – Dissing lyrics were g-to-tha-mutha-fuckin-enerated by http://www.gizoogle.net/)



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