– Chocolate Teapot

September 2013



The ‘open-source’ Chocolate ‘Utah’ Teapot.  A contemporary twist on a well-worn adage.




The teapot is derived from freely downloaded open-source data;  the ubiquitous ‘Utah teapot’ – the legendary test model used in computer graphics and 3D printing.

more here



(image: www.cs.technion.ac.il) 


I modified the teapot data to create two mould patterns.  These were CNC machined for me by a good friend.

A two-part plastic mould was created by vacuum forming the CNC patterns.



I built the rotational moulding rig from a LOT of old K’nex.  I followed a design by Instructables user ‘HRhV’ and the free schematics can be found:





I melted 200g of plain chocolate for the teapot shown here.  The liquid chocolate is poured into the hollow mould and the two mould halves carefully aligned and taped together to create a sealed whole.


The sealed mould is then attached to the center of the rota-moulding machine and spun continuously about two axis.  As the mould tumbles in all directions, the chocolate evenly coats the interior mould wall.  As the chocolate cools, it hardens to create a hollow-centered treat in the shape of the mould, much like an Easter Egg or Lindt bunny.



I had to cut the lid free with a knife.



The tea was ‘Lapsang Souchong’




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