‘Word Play’

2008 – 2011

Typographic Sculptures/3D poems,




Exploratory and often delightfully serendipitous – a collaboration with Paul Morris Programme Leader of the BA(Hons) Graphic Design course at the University of Wales Newport.

Paul and I work together to design 3D typographical structures for contemplation; utilising computer technologies and realised through digital print, projection and rapid manufactured physical pieces.

I have long been excited by the potential for Rapid Prototyping technologies to be used for creative expression and the opportunities to explore new aesthetic languages within this still, very young and emergent field.

Paul and I would like to conduct further investigation of computer-generated word sculptures, realised on a smaller scale via Rapid Manufacture and in a variety of jewellery-grade materials.  Money and time are, of course, very great enablers.



'Silent - Listen' 3D Printed Prototype made with Objet 'VeroClear' material



size: approx 55mm dia


The six letters rearrange to spell-out two different but poignantly linked words:



The spherical, palm sized form affords handling and 360 degree contemplation.

The profile of each letter is seemingly ‘cut’ as a hollow channel from the transparent solid sphere.   The eye can follow these encapsulated channels to track the rearrangement of the letters from one side of the captive form to the other.   These channels appear as intertwining strands, like that of a glass marble.


'Silent - Listen' 3D Printed Prototype

SILENT(Clear)_2 'Silent - Listen' 3D Printed Prototype

'Silent - Listen' 3D Printed Prototype


The photographed piece would benefit from (a great deal of) fine polishing to remove scratches and build marks and to achieve luster and clarity.

I would also like to apply a different colour to each of the hollow channels to better illustrate the movement and interplay of the letters and to make pertinent the visual similarity with a glass marble.







"ME WE" November 2011



"Bullied" November 2011

'Conference (Blah, Blah, Blah)', Computer rendering

'Shatter', 3D Printed model

'Word Ziggurat', SLA model

'24/7', 3D Printed model

'Word Ziggurat', Computer Rendering



Some preliminary sketch-work:


Please check out Paul’s site at:





In 2012, I came across another really great example of 3D printed typographical experiments by Jonathan Banks and Ravensbourne.   I was very impressed and it is definitely worth a look …but remember, you saw it here first!