Re: Pete

Peter Hathaway:


I am a multimedia designer, maker & artist.


I like to work on projects that are challenging and innovative; which combine humour with a sense of purpose in the world.  I am particularly drawn to collaborative and experimental projects.


‘P*A*St’ (‘Post Apocalyptic Storytelling) and ‘Run To Draw’ are two ongoing collaborative projects with the illustrator Amelia Johnstone.


I co-founded the electronic arts group ‘Dorkbot Cardiff’ with Paul Granjon.


I live in Cardiff, Wales.


“Every object tells a story if you know how to read it” – Raymond Loewy

"Kikogu" a low-squatting stool from rural Kenya. Approx 150mm high. Effectively, nothing more than a well-worn log. Unassuming in appearance but rich with stories; the rough marks of abuse, the wood still infused with the smokey smells of many camp-fire gatherings, the top worn smooth through heavy use and weathering - and what's that hole for? One of my favourite collected objects.



(Above) B-block destruction photos by OM


CV and portfolio on request

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