Dorkbot Cardiff


March 2011 – December 2013



I co-organised bi-monthly meetings of ‘Dorkbot Cardiff’ in collaboration with visual artist Paul Granjon.

The dorkbot global network is made of groups of people “doing strange things with electricity”. There are more than 100 groups worldwide, who meet at various intervals and present work in progress, experiments, hacks and other unexpected uses of technology.  Members of dorkbot groups include artists, engineers, designers, musicians, hackers, curious types.  …No robots yet!

The event is free to run (thanks to great venues such as Milgi & Tommy’s Bar), free to attend and free to all.  We have also enjoyed good connections with our dorkbot cousins in Tokyo, New York, London, Bristol, Sheffield and the ‘Burning Dork’ UK Dorkbot summer camp.

Here’s the website:


(Above)  “Dork Talk” Video recording from Dorkbot Cardiff #5 with Sound artist Aidan Taylor.  Interpretive video capture techniques by Amelia.  Title and edit by me. 


(Above)  Sketch idea for an automata to showcase Dorkbot Cardiff at local event.

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