– Edinburgh

The ‘Run To Draw’ Edinburgh Marathon 2013 Scroll:



A Running Witch; A Kindly Bearded Vicar; Mary Queen of Scots; Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane; Sea Creatures; Butterflies; Heavenly Angels; Elegant Floral Ladies; A Punch and Judy Show…

– They all appear in the illustrated scroll, created whilst simultaneously running the Edinburgh Marathon and drawing from imagination!


Look!: Move your mouse cursor left-to-right over the image below to reveal the illustrated scroll.

















The Edinburgh Marathon scroll consists of 18 seperate illustrations, some of which were developed across two miles of running. Most were completed within the duration of running a single mile.


Due to a set-up error, the chronology of the images run from ‘Right to Left’. E.g. The first image (drawn during mile 1) appears at the ‘Far-Right’ whilst the Punch & Judy show image at the ‘Far-Left’ was created shortly before crossing the finish line.


Aiming to draw one image every mile, the team set off on a beautifully sunny Scottish day. Experiencing some technical problems with paper scrolling at mile 3, the team adapted – and to their advantage! The drawings below show a more continuous sequence of drawings than in previous runs, where each preceding image overlaps and is used as a trigger for the next creating a continuous narrative throughout the scroll. It was imagined that, as the miles passed and with each new drawing the quality of the images would deteriorate through physical and mental exhaustion. Surprisingly, the opposite seemed true. The drawings became more assertive and exacting.



The Run To Draw team completed their first full illustrated marathon in Edinburgh on 26th May 2013. They ran the 26.2 miles in 4 hours and 42 minutes – running and drawing all the way!


“We do this because we’re interested in how imagination is invigorated through exercise and adventure! We feel that the creative pulse of running charges the mind with a subconscious power, which captures fleeting marvels of ideas to be later developed in the studio.”



They are raising money for Alzhemier Scotland:  www.justgiving.com/runtodraw  – Deadline for sponsorship July 7th 2013