– Cropredy Jubilee





Spring 2012

P*A*St gave a shadow show performance of “The King’s Breakfast” and “The Princess & The Pea” as part of the Cropredy village Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The stories were introduced by HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Duke of Edinburgh Prince Phillip who, under P*A*St’s direction, arrived at Cropredy Village on a specially commissioned barge.



Many children and adults attended, some having waited patiently for hours to watch and all were enchanted.  The story incorporated many themes and motifs of the host village.


The children were invited to learn about shadow puppets after the event and P*A*St learned how to not be so precious about the safety of their lovingly created shadow characters in the hands of such delighted and budding child puppeteers.


Multitudinous thanks to Patrick of  Jammy Custard  for his unflappable, invaluable and most capable technical support on the day of performance.


The videos below show the play as it was performed using the same audio track.  They were filmed in the Summer of 2012 some weeks after the event, in a dark garage space to no audience.


‘The Princess & The Pea’


‘The King’s Breakfast’





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