– First P*A*St


Inspired by Peter Carey’s haunting Collected Stories, Amelia and I set out to explore through puppetry, in a Krakow inpsired puppet theatre, his dark tellings of a world out of time, beyond now in the tradition of folk.

We used a broad range of media and aproaches to puppetry; combining making, illustration & digital audio techniques to create a mysterious storytelling event that would enchant and terrify.

We held an ‘open studio’ providing an opportunity for visitors to witness the creation of the dark and magical world.

Two full-capacity performances of P*A*St were held at ‘Milgi’ art bar in Cardiff as part of the Cardiff Design Festival programme of events.



P*A*St is being entered into ‘The European Storytelling Archive’ held at Cambridge School of Art.

P*A*St was also presented as part-paper/part-performance at the  ‘Illustration and Writing’ symposium at Manchester Metropolitan University 2011.


(Above)  P*A*St promotional video on “The Big Screen”, Hayes, Cardiff.





(Above)  A P*A*St Pinata.



Production Images:

(Above)  P*A*St was performed with a pre-mixed soundtrack featuring music, sound effects and twisted voices.  I used the open-source software ‘Audacity’ to edit and mix the audio tracks.




Production shot of P*A*St promotional video.



Screen-printed Promotional Posters in Cardiff Cafe/Bar


Pleasure Bird construction in foam.


Pleasure Bird construction in foam, with fibre optic pulses.


The Pleasure Bird examines it’s controls. 


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